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Equatorial Guinea

While Equatorial Guinea is not really geared up for tourists, there are a few attractions that visitors to the country should not miss.  Here are just a few for you to consider adding to your itinerary.

The Arena Blanca is a beach located on Bioko and it is the only white beach there.  If you are visiting the country during the dry season you will be able to marvel at the sight of thousands of butterflies.  The island is also home to the city of Malabo, the capital city of the country.  The city is actually fairly small but here you can see some of the Spanish colonial architecture that remains as well as enjoy a leisurely drink in one of the plazas.  For a souvenir to take home head over to the market which is lively and a great place to mingle with the locals.

Car rental is a great way to explore the island of Bioko.  The town of Moca is a good place to learn more about the Bubi people, the indigenous tribe that is native to the island.  During your stay it is also worth climbing Pico Basile, the highest point on the island.  It rises to almost 10,000ft and if the conditions are good you might be able to spot Mount Cameroon.  An alternative is the Pico Malabo, a volcano.  There are a number of different hiking trails here and if you enjoy climbing it is a great place.     

If you are on the mainland then Equatorial Guinea’s city of Bata.  It can be found in the Rio Muni region and it is a very lively area.  Here you will find good bars, restaurants, hotels and markets, so many visitors choose to spend at least a few days here.   Car hire is a great way to explore this region so you can take in as much as possible during your stay.

The country has a number of picturesque locations that are ideal for tourists.  Lake Baio and Lake Loretea are both crater lakes and the Cascades of Moca is also popular.  The area is home to several different species of monkey.   Consider a trip to Monte Alen national park, which covers around 540 square miles.  You can follow a number of trails through the jungle if you enjoy hiking.  Nature lovers will be able to spend a little time spotting the various species of birds, elephants and leopards.   

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