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  • Kayseri - Domestic Airport [ASR]
  • Kayseri - International Airport [ASR]
  • Kayseri - Downtown

    Kayseri Car Hire & Travel Information

    Kayseri is a city in the Turkish region of Central Anatolia.


    Kayseri is an old and large city with a strong economy. It carries lots of monuments from the days of Seljuks and Ottomans, and is also the home town of the most accomplished architect Mimar Sinan. Population has been steadily increasing and nowadays is around 950,000 in the urban center.

    Kayseri was also on the Silk Route and Karatay and Sultanhanı posts on this route reside in Bünyan town's borders. Bünyan is also famous for its carpets which makes Kayseri a popular purchase-stop for tourists visiting Cappadocia.

    Get in

    By plane

    Turkish Airlines, Onur Airlines, and Pegasus Airlines have daily flights from Istanbul to Kayseri. Sunexpress airlines has daily flights from Izmir and from Antalya to Kayseri. Beside the domestic flights there are also direct international flights to Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Vienna by Pegasus, Onur and Oger. The name of the airport is Kayseri Erkilet and has the IATA code ASR. Taxi to the bus terminal takes 20 minutes. When you are in the airport, you may find more destinations and price listings in the good board outside the airport.

    By train

    Direct trains run daily from Ankara to Kayseri, taking 7 hours. There are couchettes and a sleeping car; some trains have a buffet. Depending on the day of the week, these trains continue east:

    via Sivas, Malatya and Elazig to Tatvan, with dolmus connections to Van;
    via Sivas and Malatya to Diyarbakir and Kurtalan;
    via Sivas and Erzurum to Kars.
    A daily train also runs south to Adana.

    For details see Turkish railways website at Note that Ankara railway station is partially closed for rebuilding until early 2018, with bus replacements to Irmak 60 km east of the city, and altered timings.

    By car

    Getting to Kayseri from other major cities is quite comfortable. The new 2x2-lanes roads make car travel much safer. Ankara to Kayseri takes 4 hours, Konya to Kayseri takes 5 hours.

    By bus

    It is very easy to get to Kayseri from other major towns. Among other Kent Seyahat is a Kayseri based bus company, and many other cities that have a route through Kayseri also offer quality service.

    The new Kayseri bus station is located six kilometres north-west of the city center. A local bus to the centre leaves from a stop across the road directly to the south of the station. Tickets can be purchased from the booth immediately beside the bus stop, for 1-2TL.

    The station has an internet cafe, left-luggage storage, restaurants, hairdresser, etc.

    Get around

    What to see

    Hunat Hatun Camii is the most famous mosque in the city that dates back to Seljuks. Seljuks have also left a number of schools (medrese), tombs (kumbet), and hospitals in the city.

    Mount Erciyes is the 5th highest mountain (3916 m) in Turkey and a popular domestic skiing location. Nowadays, foreign tourists have also started to visit the location. Erciyes Ski Center is 25 km. from the city center.


    Kayseri Mantısı is the most famous dish Kayseri is known for. It's made from minced meat, wrapped in tiny bits of dough and boiled. It's served with a special sauce and yogurt. 

    Pastırma is Kayseri's another well-known product. It's dried, salted beef covered with çemen, prepared by a special process. Pastırma is served both as a spicy starter or used in dishes.

    İskender is a kebap variant, named after its inventor. Its meat is prepared similar to that of döner, but is served in dish, and with a butter sauce on the top.