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Le Port Car Hire

Car Hire in Le Port | Compare the rates of all major car hire providers in Le Port, Reunion Island

Rentalcargroup offers a price comparison of all car rental companies in Le Port, Reunion Island. Why spend hours doing research while we show you the rates, fleet and car rental terms of all car hire companies in Le Port, Reunion Island.

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Le Port Car Hire Comparison | We offer a price comparison of all car hire suppliers in Le Port but you choose your car hire based on price, car hire agency and fleet choice.

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  • De - Pierrefonds Airport [ZSE]
    • Le - Port

      Le Port Car Hire & Travel Information

      Freedom to drive where you want

      When renting a car you are free to drive where you want as long as you take in mind the local traffic rules and laws. Enjoy a scenery or drive from sight seeing the location to another in the time schedule you want.

      Where can i go with my rented car

      You are free to drive wherever you want with your rented car as long as you stick to the local traffic rules/laws. Be a responsible driver and do not speed with your rented car. This might prevent unpleasant surprises like speeding tickets or even accidents. Take in mind that not all rental companies allow their cars to be taken on a ferry. Please check the detailed rental terms to see if there is any restriction.

      Family rental cars

      If you choose to travel with your family you don't want to end up with a small car fully packed with your luggage. It might be more comfortable for everyone to rent a slightly bigger car to fit all your luggage and the fit in any baby/child seat/boosters for better protection.

      What insurance does my rented car have?

      Rented cars mostly have a standard insurance included in the rental price and sometimes car rental companies offer ways to reduce the excess/deductible. Check the detailed rental terms to see if any Full Protection/Complete Cover Package is being offered and what exactly the extra fee for it is.

      Le Port rentals

      Rentalcargroup compares rental prices for Le Port. Since we work with major car rental companies the quality of the cars is guaranteed. Like this you get the best car rental rates.

      Rental Car Reviews

      See below last 5 customer reviews. Our customers rated Le Port Car Rental with an average of 9.00 based on 2 ratings.

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      No Problems But Scratchy Car With Dents

      The staff woman was friendly and spoke some english. a dent at the top of the back flap was not seen by the staff and myself and i had to go back to the office to have it noted. one catch of the parcel shelf was damaged and i had to make a temporary repair myself by means of wire. almost impossible to get the black filt floor clean without a vacuum cleaner. otherwise pay 40 euros.

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