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Mali is a country that has so much to offer travellers and it is a shame that many of them miss out because they are not aware of what there is to see and do. 

One of the features of Mali that brings many travellers in is the architecture.  Take a trip to Djenné and hire a car so you can tour the city.  The largest mud-brick building in the world can be found here – the Grand Mosque is now listed by UNESCO.  Nearly all the buildings have the same style of architecture, the traditional adobe style.  Just a few miles to the south you will find the remains of the old city, that dates back to around 250BC and which is one of the oldest towns in the region.

The architecture of the town of Gao is also something of an attractions.  This is an important town on one of the main trade routes in the region but it was at its height during the 15th century when it served as the Songhai Empire’s capital.  The mosque built by Musa I can be found here.  Musa I is widely reputed to have been the world’s richest man at the time.

As with many African countries there are safari holidays that can be taken in Mali.  The Boucle de Baoulé National Park is home to leopard, lion, elephant and giraffe can all be seen here.  The park is mainly savannah but is home to prehistoric tombs and great examples of rock art. 

The tallest mountain in the country is Mount Hombori and many visitors come here to climb it.  It stands at more than 3800ft but also has both archaeological and ecological significance.  The caves here have had occupants for more than 2000 years.

Timbuktu is located in Mali but many people only know the name as some kind of mythical city.  It is an ancient city that has been an important trade centre for centuries.  Choose car rental services to explore it properly and visit some of the historic mosques and other buildings.  There is a strong Arabic feel to the city thanks to the Tuareg people that have settled here.   You could also take a trip to the city of Ségou.  This is well-known for local crafts including the production of bogolan cloth and pottery.  A village close by served as the Bambara Empire’s capital during the 17th century. is part of Ecommerce Group NV