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  • San - Jose International Airport [SJO]
  • San - Jose Tobias Bolanos Airport [SYQ]
  • San - Jose
  • San - Jose Escazu Plaza Tempo
  • San - Jose Hotel Best Western
  • San - Jose Paseo Colon
  • San - Jose Plaza Viquez
  • San - Jose Retorno

San Jose Car Hire & Travel Information

San José Costa Rica´s capital.


It is ringed by lush green mountains and valleys. The population of this city is probably half of the whole country.


For many Costa Ricans the coolest temperatures in San Jose are equal to high (warm) temperatures for a Northern American Citizen or some one from a country with a snow season. When you view the size of Costa Rica, then you can understand why weather temperatures differ from one city to another across short distances, unless the Caribbean weather suffers a major event in the atmosphere.

Get in

By plane

There is a local bus stop outside the airport (on the other side of the multi-story car park which you see when you come out of arrivals). It costs less than 1 US$ and takes you right downtown. You can put your luggage in the storage area below on the bus. The cheapest option is taking the bus into downtown and get a taxi there for your final destination.

When you need to go to the airport from downtown, you catch the Alajuela bus (takes you to the airport) at the Merced Park. It costs less than $1 and they leave every five minutes and it takes about 25 minutes to get to the airport. The airport bus stop is easy to see.

By bus

The Tica Bus terminal is one of the most common choice for locals and foreigners alike when it comes to traveling around Central America and even Mexico. Please take note that it has recently been moved to the other end of town, near the Mercedes Tower. (Address: 200 meters north and 100 meters west of Torre Mercedes (Paseo Colón), in front of the Magisterio Nacional Mortuary)

By train

Heredia: on weekdays, trains run betwen San José and Heredia every half an hour in the mornings (6am-9am) and afternoons (3:30pm-8pm), leaving from Estación del Atlántico near the Parque Nacional. Some of these trains continue on to the UCR and U Latina in San Pedro. The 6pm departure from San José (returning at 7pm) is a big train, so you can almost always get a seat on this one.

Get around

Taxis are generally honest (perhaps because the official rates are incredibly expensive), but make sure you tell the cab driver to start the meter, or "la maría". some taxis (especially at bus stations) will try to rip you off and charge extra rates to tourists. If you have a data plan, consider using Uber, which charges less than half the price of a taxi and you don't have to haggle or deal with "foreigner rates". Conversion is about 500 colones per USD (fluctuates daily) and dollars are accepted as well as colones. A ride inside the city center will normally cost 1500-2500 colones or $3-$5. Cabs with a blue sign on top that say credomático also accept credit cards. Official licensed taxis are red or orange with a triangle or round decal on the front doors with the taxis information. Be aware that there are unlicensed taxis called piratas which should be avoided due to being unregulated. Be aware that it is close to useless to give a taxi driver an exact street address; street names are not used in Costa Rica. You have to point out some well-known building, park or hotel close to where you are going. Often there are no street signs and addresses are difficult to find, so be sure you know where you are going or you could get lost very easily.


Museo Nacional, Calle 17 Avenida 2. The museum includes a large butterfly garden (With many morpho butterflies) and a collection of large stone spheres from the Diquis Valley near the Pacific Ocean, a permanent precolumbian exhibition, the barracks, the rooms of the army general and his family, and a couple of temporal exhibits at the time. The museum building is an old fort called Cuartel Bellavista, in this place the Army was symbolically abolished by then president Jose Figueres Ferrer on December 1st, 1948 after the last civil war and armed conflict in the country.

Museo de Arte Costarricense, east end of Sabana Park. This used to be San Jose's main airport terminal back when La Sabana was the airport.

Street Life

Every Thursday a dozens of young jugglers gather at the Parque Morazan and juggle together. Often with percussion music. It s a free event in public space. Normally you will be invited to play with them. Lovely experience if you like street art.


Gym. Decent gym facilities can be found at the Spa Corobici (telephone: 231-5542) located behind the Hotel Corobici. The taxi ride from the airport is approximately $10 - $20 USD and entry into the gym is 5,300 CRC or $10 USD. The club has a good selection of free and machine weights as well as a cardio theater. The club also has an outdoor swimming pool for lap swimming, a jacuzzi tub, and a sauna.