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      Recife Car Hire & Travel Information

      Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, is one of the largest and most important cities on the northeastern coast of Brazil. 

      Get in

      by plane

      Recife's modern Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre International Airport (REC) is efficient, user-friendly and close to the city. 

      From the airport

      MetroRec Subway has an Aeroporto stop on its southern line which will take you directly downtown.
      Bus 033 (Aeroporto) goes every 20 minutes to Boa Viagem (15 min) and to the coty center. You can also take the Aeroporto opcional which is a little bit faster. Stop in front of the airport building.
      Bus 152 (Jordao Baixo) via Boa Viagem, Bus 153 (Jordao Alto), Bus 161 (Brigadeiro Ivo Borges) and Bus 163 (Cajueiro Seco) also go to the city center. Stop on the other side of the street opposite the airport building.

      By sea

      Cruises may come from other Brazilian states, from other countries in South America and the Caribbean, or from Europe. Cruises from Recife to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago are also available.

      Get around

      By bus

      The Sistema Estrutural Integrado (Integrated Structural System), known as SEI, has 119 bus lines which are integrated with the subway system at 13 points through out the metropolitan area.

      By subway

      Two Central lines run together from downtown to the west, where they split after Coqueiral station and go to Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Camaragibe respectively. It does provide a useful link between the city center and the TIP Bus Station in the outskirts, at the penultimate stop on the Camaragibe (Centro 1) line.
      A new South line provides direct access to the airport and Shopping Center Recife on its way to Cajueiro Seco.

      What to see


      Boa Viagem Beach - Probably one of the world's best urban beaches, with pristine white sands. If you want a tan, you came to the right place. The beach road has a wide walkway attached and this is dotted with huts selling food and drink. The beach is somewhat protected by a coral reef wall visible at low tide, there has been many shark attacks and deaths so stick your feet in the water but you might want to consider another place to swim.


      Parque da Jaqueira, Av. Rui Barbosa - Jaqueira. This park is popular for jogging. It also has bicycle trails, plus live music on Sundays.

      What to do

      Catamaran Rides in the Capibaribe River , Avenida Sul, São José.

      Agenda de Eventos do Recife. Daily, 4PM and 8PM. Tour last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

      Scuba-diving at shipwreck park off the coast of Recife. Recife is known as Brazil's shipwreck capital: more than 100 ships have sunk in the coast around the city, 15 of which are accessible to tourists. Together with the natural coral reefs, they make the coast of Recife a perfect spot for scuba-diving.


      Abril Pro Rock. Every April. Two-day rock music festival.
      Festival de São João. June. Yearly celebration of nordestino culture, with loads of traditional music and food.